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Promise Land Food is a vocational training school Food Truck run by the students of The Other Side Academy. The Other Side Academy is a two-year live-in educational program for those who have hit rock bottom where our students learn how to live successful, productive lives free from the toxic and destructive behaviors of the past.

We call our vocational training school Promise Land, because we are learning to make and keep promises as part of our training. When we get to “The Other Side,” we want to be in a land where we have honesty, integrity, and accountability and where people know that if we make a promise, they know we will keep it.

We take this same approach to the quality of our food and the level of our service. We promise that you will be served delicious food and be served in a timely, professional and friendly manner. If you have an experience different than this, let us know and we will make it right with you and we will learn from the feedback!